Coolermaster MWE 550W Gold Full Modular

SGD 109.00

80 PLUS GOLD CERTIFIED 120MM LDB FAN ADVANCED CIRCUITRY FULLY MODULAR CABLING Behold the 80 Plus Gold rated, fully modular MWE Gold. This power supply unit delivers consistent 90% efficiency, low temperatures, and quiet operation. High quality, heat resistant components have been used to achieve gold level performance at temperatures up to 45°C. The Silencio fan and exclusive LDB bearing provides nearly silent cooling at no loss to system performance and a longer lifespan. Flat cables improve airflow by reducing cable bulk and a single +12V line ensures all components are fed the same stable output regardless of which cable you use. Be bold, power with gold. 80 PLUS GOLD CERTIFIED This certification guarantees a typical efficiency of 90% under normal operating conditions. FULLY MODULAR CABLES Fully customizable cabling reduces clutter, increases airflow, and improves overall thermal performance. ADVANCED CIRCUITRY The MWE Gold's full-bridge design coupled with LLC, Synchronous, and DC to DC topology technologies offers reliable and stable voltage outputs. MB 24 Pin: 1 CPU 12V 4+4 Pin: 1 SATA: 8 Peripheral 4 Pin: 3 FDD Cable 4 Pin: 1 PCI-e 6+2 Pin: 2 5 Years Warranty

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