Cryorig Cryo-Paste CP15 Thermal Paste

SGD 13.90

The CRYORIG CP5 combines high grade Thermal Performance and a high Particle Density. Slightly higher in viscosity but still easily spread, the CRYORIG CP5 is best suited for high-end overclockers and seasoned system builders. The CRYORIG CP7 balances the attributes of Thermal Performance, Spread and Particle Density. The CP7 is easy to apply and provides top notch performance and with a lower viscosity level, does not require high mounting pressure to perform. The CRYORIG CP15 is the everyday CRYO-Paste of choice. Low viscosity and low maintenance, the CP15 requires minimal effort to apply and minimum mounting pressure to deliver it’s full performance. Included in each package of CRYORIG’s CRYO-Paste line of products, is a specialized spreader designed specifically for thermal interface application. Included in each CRYO-Paste products is a package of 70% pharmaceutical grade Isopropyl Alcohol Pad. Isopropyl Alcohol is non toxic and one of the best choices to clean your CPU surface before a CRYO Paste application. Stop residue and dust from previous installs from obtaining the best thermal results. Volume: 4g Thermal Conductivity: 5.7 Thermal Impedance: 0.026

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