Cryorig H7 Plus CPU Cooler

SGD 79.00

Cryorig H7 Plus - The Dual Fan Enhanced Performance Tower. Direct Air Tunnel Effect, Aligned System Airflow By adding one additional fan the full fan system aligns with your system fan, to concentrate and expel exhaust heat. This increases the overall efficiency of the whole system airflow. Enhanced Efficiency with Hive Fin Technology CRYORIG H Series coolers feature our proprietary Hive Fin™ structure. This design allows for a combination of Jet Fin Acceleration™ and Turbulence Reduction, as well as strengthening structural strength of the fin stacks. Combined together, the Hive Fin™ design brings cool innovation. Jet Fin Acceleration System™ By utilizing a larger air intake and narrower air exhaust section on the fins, compresses the air to move faster and more efficiently out of the heatsink. Turbulence Reduction System Utilizing a bee hive shaped structure at the front air intake of the heatsink, lowers air turbulence and assists airflow to move through the full length of the heatsink. Optimized Heatpipe Positioning Total CPU Coverage The H7’s Heatpipe Convex-Align™ System allows for more heatpipes in a given area, optimized heatpipe placement in the copper base, and improved alignment with your CPU. With the Heatpipe Convex-Align™ System, each heatpipe functions to their maximum TDP capacity. Unmatched Compatibility Zero RAM Interference Focusing on providing the widest range of compatibility, the H7 utilizes an asymmetric slanted heatpipe layout to move the heatsink away from the RAM zone, Offering optimal compatibility for RAM with tall heat spreaders on both Intel™ 115X and AMD platforms. The Compact Tower That Fits The CRYORIG H7 has compact compatibility written in it’s design. Only 145mm in height the H7 is one of the smallest 120mm fan class tower heatsinks on the market. The H7 will fit in almost all mid-tower PC chassis. The H7 can deliver much needed tower grade cooling performance in tight spaces. Quad Air Inlet+TM, Extra Air Extra Performance CRYORIG’s proprietary Quad Air Inlet™ system features four strategically placed aerodynamic air inlet that allows for extra air intake. The additional air intake allows the QF series fan to have a higher air output volume for its fan diameter, which equals better temperatures for your CPU heatsink and more air exchanged for your system case. Motherboard Compatibility 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156 FM1, FM2/+, AM2/+, AM3/+, AM4 What's In The Box H7 Plus x 1 X-Bar™ Backplate x 1 Screw Pillars x 4 Screw Sleeves x 4 PWM Y-Cable x 1 CRYO-Paste CP7 x 1 Installation Guide x 1 Product Registration Card x 1 Heatsink Specification Dimension ( with fan ) L126 mm x W123 mm x H145 mm Weight ( with fan ) 845 g Weight ( without fan ) 577 g Heat pipes 6mm heatpipe x 3 units Fin T = 0.4 mm ; Gap = 2.2 mm Fin Pcs 40 pcs Copper Base C1100 Pure copper nickel plated RAM Height Limit Limitless TDP 150 W Fan Specification Model QF120 Black Balance Dimension L120 mm x W120 mm x H25.4 mm Weight 134 g Rated Speed 300 ~ 1600 RPM ±10 % Noise Level 25 dBA Air Flow 59 CFM Air Pressure 1.65 mmH2O Ampere 0.16 A

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